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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seahawks Boot 12th Man for Standing

In an unreported story, the Seattle Seahawks actually kicked out fans sitting in Row Z, Section 111, in the fourth quarter of the Week 3 game against the Arizona Cardinals. Their only offense? Standing and cheering. I thought this was the team with the best fans in the NFL. The Seahawks response - sit down and shut up.

Row Z is the handicap accessible row, but the field personnel say that fans in those seats must sit down the entire game as to not block the view of those in the club seats behind them (even though the club seats are several feet back and up from the handicap accessible row). In defense of the club seat fans, there is a gentleman in the first row of the club section immediately behind the fans that were kicked out that was livid with the stadium personnel. The cops actually stepped in and defended the fans against the terrible stadium staff.

An official complaint has been made by me to the Seahawks organization with the request for a formal apology to those fans and a refund for their Week 3 tickets. I've also requested that the Seahawks change the policy of catering to the club seat fans and keep this a real football city. Either that or let's fly the 12th man flag at half mast, unretire the #12 and move the team to L.A.

Right now, I'm a disgusted Seahawks fan that will not be renewing my season tickets. I encourage all to join me. Pictured up and to the right: Martha, the crazy usher that throws fans out for the 4th quarter...of a one score game...on third down. Disgusting. She would not let me take a picture of her badge when I told her I wanted to file a formal complaint with the Seahawks for her kicking out the two fans in the next section over.

You'll find me this Sunday, in section 112, row Z, standing and cheering all game long. Seahawks, go ahead and try to kick me out. I've read my ticket, I know the rules and my wife's a lawyer. If any fans have been kicking out of a Seahawks game for cheering, please contact me. If this was more than a one-time occurrence, then we're bringing this fight to the doorstep of 12 Seahawks Way, Renton, WA 98056.