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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Seahawks path to the playoffs

The games are almost hard to watch, and it will be difficult to dig deep and find some enthusiasm at Qwest Field this coming Sunday. If the Seahawks lose, they will drop to 2-8, which will put them 5 games back from Arizona Cardinals with 6 games to play. A loss next week and it's time to start talking about the 2009 NFL Draft.

While I don't expect the Seahawks to make the playoffs, there is still a less-than-impossible path to winning the division. The Seahawks must take both remaining games from the Cardinals. That would put the Seahawks at 4 wins the Cardinals at 5 losses. The Seahawks would then need to win two more games than the Cardinals do in the 5 remaining games each team plays (not against each other). The Cardinals are certainly capable of going 2-3 or even 1-4, and the Seahawks could squeak out a win against New England or Washington. The rest of the opponents are all very beatable. I don't think all of that is going to happen, but it remains possible.

A win against the Dolphins last week and a loss by Arizona to San Francisco last night would have made a huge difference. The inexcusable loss to San Francisco and the improbable win by Arizona against the Cowboys was another difference maker. A few plays going the other way in those games and we would have the 4-5 Seahawks and 4-5 Cardinals tied at the top of the NFC West.