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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Go Seahawks, Go Rams

The Seahawks have a good chance to end up only 1 game back from the division lead. Wins by the Rams and Seahawks today wouldn't be shocking - both teams are home underdogs, which are always dangerous to bet against.

Donnie Avery and company should thrash the Cardinals secondary. The question is whether or not the Rams can contain the Cardinals receivers. Look for Warner to turn it over 3+ times in a return to St. Louis.

The Seahawks are banged up, but at home. Mike Holmgren will manage to handle his disciple Andy Reid - especially after Leroy Hill knocks Westbrook out of the game early with a big hit.

NFC West
Cardinals 4-4
Seahawks 3-5
Rams 3-5
49ers 2-6