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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Real Seahawks Fans Wanted

The team isn't in that bad of shape. The Seahawks may not make the playoffs, but it is hard to believe they will be worse than the 1992 season, when they went 2-14 (1-7 at home). The bigger question is will the fair weather fans stick around when things get rough.

Right now, a real Seahawks fan thinks the defense sucks, Trufant is overpaid, the offense is in shambles, but believes the team has a shot tonight to beat Tampa Bay, get a win next week at SF, and then beat the Eagles at home to climb back to 4-4. Then The Seahawks can take the Dolphins on the road and will be 5-4 when they face the Cardinals at home with a chance to take the division lead. And sure, they might stumble and lose one of those games, but as long as it isn't against the Cardinals, the Hawks would be in pretty good shape at 5-5 with 6 games to go.

I am not saying that I think that will happen as an unbiased observer because I am not. I am a Seahawks fan. A real Seahawks fan. I will bitch and moan, decry the coaching staff, boo the sorry ass defense when they stink it up at home, but I will be there making enough noise that my voice is scratchy on Monday when the Hawks defense is trying to get a stop on third down, even if they are down 24-3.

This isn't going to be a pretty season, and the team might miss the playoffs, but remember, they are not out of it until they are mathematically out of least to a real fan.