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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Seahawks Scrimmage - Offensive Line (inc. TE)

John Carlson appears to be the real deal and should play a huge role this year, both blocking and receiving. He knows how to get open, runs clean routes, makes grabs, and is a good blocker. All of the reasons the Seahawks traded up to draft him. The only concern are limitations due to his lack of speed, which is hard to gauge without the starting LBs out there. Will Heller didn't stand out, but they did use some 2 TE sets. Putzier was sidelined.

Offensive Line
This is the biggest concern for 2008 and beyond. Walter Jones and Sean Locklear offer stability on the outside for now. Floyd Womack looked solid filling in at LT for Walt (although injuries are always a concern).

The concern since Steve Hutchinson left has been the interior. Mike Wahle only looked OK, but he will be fine. The concern is at C and RG, and depth on the interior (especially with the litany of injuries). Steve Vallos has been doing a decent job at center, but if he has to play, then you can forget about running up the middle.

The Seahawks probably need a better option behind Chris Spencer, and it is hard to think that Ben Claxton is the answer, but maybe. Mansfield Wrotto actually blocks well from the center spot, although the exchanges aren't always clean. Spencer's injuries make this a pressing concern.

Wrotto and Ray Willis provide solid depth on the right side, but Rob Sims is the reason for concern. He is a marginal starter and should be fighting off Ray Willis for a starting job. Wrotto would be a decent fill-in, but he isn't ready to start. The problem with starting Ray Willis at RG is that it leaves the Seahawks without a reserve RT. He could always slide over if one of the starting tackles gets injured.

Things will have to sort themselves out with Chris Gray's retirement, but the Seahawks really need a guy that can backup Chris Spencer and play guard if needed. Ben Claxton and Steve Vallos aren't great options for that role. Wrotto has the ability to be that guy in the future, but he isn't ready yet.

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