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Monday, August 04, 2008

Seahawks Scrimmage - Backfield

On Saturday, the general public got there first look at the 2008 version of the Seattle Seahawks. The scrimmage was heavily focused on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string with a number of starters sidelined with minor injuries or just held out to avoid injury. Even so, the scrimmage yielded some important observations. We'll start with the backfield.

Predictably, more was made of Justin Forsett's performance than was warranted. He did look good, but it was against a bunch of guys that won't be making the team. It's a lot easier to run away from Chris Cooper, David Hawthorne and Jamar Adams than NFL regulars. Marquis Weeks had nice scrimmages and preseason games in the past.

Don't get me wrong, Forsett would be a solid #3 RB if there weren't 3 better guys on the team. There just isn't room for 4 HBs on an NFL roster. He is the best practice squad back the Seahawks have had in years.

David Kirtman and Owen Schmitt were noticeably lackluster. Kirtman looked like the better blocker and was on the field much more and played with the guys further up the depth chart. There is still time for that to change, but I wouldn't recommended buying one of the #35 jerseys that are in the Seahawks Pro Shop just yet. If it gets close, Schmitt might make the team as a PR and fan relations move. That is one of the most interesting battles to watch. Anyone still pushing the idea that Schmitt will be cutting into Weaver's playing time by midseason?

I floated this as one of the possible albeit unlikely scenarios a month or so ago, but it is looking a little more reasonable at this point: Justin Forsett makes the team and Kirtman and Schmitt don't. I still don't think that will happen, but that is Forsett's only chance (other than an injury). In that scenario T.J. Duckett would serve as the backup FB.

Duckett had an excellent scrimmage and showed exactly why Tim Ruskell brought him in. And it isn't to play fullback (Duckett didn't line up there once). Maybe Mike Holmgren can figure it out now. Anyone still pushing the idea that Duckett is going to be cut or traded? Duckett will likely end the season with more touches than Maurice Morris (unless Julius Jones misses significant time).

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