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Monday, June 16, 2008

Seahawks Practice Squad

Practice Squad (8)
We know that OT Samuel Gutekunst will be the 9th player as part of the International Practice Squad Program. He doesn't count towards the 8 player limit.

Ignoring Gutekunst, there is a basic formula to the make up of the practice squad that holds pretty true. It does depend a little hon how many at each position make the active roster. The Seahawks will likely keep the following number of players at these positions between the active roster and practice squads:
QB - 3
RB - 6
WR - 7
TE - 4
OL - 11
DL - 10
LB - 8
DB - 9

That adds up to 61 if you include the specialists (53 active roster, 8 practice squad). You normally end up with something like the 6th RB, 7th WR, 4th TE, 9th and 10th OL, 10th DL, 8th LB, and 9th DB on the practice squad. That will shift a little depending on health at specific positions and whether or not an extra guy makes the active roster at a given position (e.g. a 9th DB on the active roster might mean no DBs on the practice squad).

The majority of the practice squad will most likely be made up from guys on the following list: RB Justin Forsett, FB Owen Schmitt, WR Jordan Kent, TE Joe Newton, OT Kyle Williams, OG Steve Vallos, DE Nu'u Tafisi, LB Matt Castelo, and S Kelin Johnson.

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