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Monday, June 09, 2008

Minicamp Notes

1) Offensive Line - With Floyd Womack out, the Seahawks finally went to the strategy of moving Sean Locklear over to left tackle. That allowed Ray Willis to get some time at right tackle with the starting unit. Kyle Williams worked at right tackle with the second unit. Williams is clearly the fourth tackle on the depth chart when Womack is out. That will be the story to watch in camp, Womack vs. Williams, and health will be a major factor.

2) C. J. Wallace - C.J. Wallace will be an interesting player to watch. He has a few things working against him (recovering from a knee injury and a recent appendectomy), but his job looks safe for now. The absence of Mike Green and C.J. Wallace has left the door open for another safety to challenge for a roster spot. It doesn't appear anyone has designs on walking through it.

It has been CB Kevin Hobbs stepping it up in practice. Right now, it looks like Hobbs is the only challenger for the 8th DB spot, and Jordan Babineaux's versatility makes that a possibility. Babs has been playing safety with the second unit with Hobbs at corner. If the Seahawks sign a veteran safety, then Hobbs shouldn't feel too confident. If Mike Doss was healthy enough to play, he would probably be on the roster by now.

3) Seneca Wallace - Wallace was returning punts the other day, but don't get too excited. Wallace isn't so much competing with Charlie Frye to be the backup QB, as Frye is really competing with himself to prove he would be adequate if both Matt Hasselbeck and Wallace were out. If Frye can earn the confidence of the coaching staff, then that will mean more Seneca Wallace on the field in 2008. It also might mean another year on the practice squad for Jordan Kent.

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