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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Is Justin Forsett Fast?

Not for the NFL.

Weaknesses: Marginal size limits his NFL upside. He lacks the bulk to carry the fulltime load in the NFL and he doesn't have much room on his short frame to get bigger. Struggles to push the pile and is not very effective in short-yardage and/or goal line situations (see: 2nd quarter vs. Oregon in 2006). Runs low and hard but doesn't have enough power to run over most defenders. Is quicker than fast. Gets tracked down from behind too frequently. His marginal size is also a problem in pass protection. He struggles to anchor versus bigger oncoming linebackers and he becomes a matchup problem when in the game on certain play-calls, as a result. - Scouts, Inc.
I'm not trying to be down on the kid, but he ran a 4.549 at his Pro Day after skipping it at the combine. That is bad news for an undersized speed back. I just don't think he has much of a chance to make it in the NFL unless he turns out to be a dynamo on coverage units. Even then, the Seahawks don't normally keep more than 5 running backs (that includes Josh Scobey in the count when he was with the Seahawks).